Interdisciplinary master program, with courses fully taught in English, accredited by ARACIS in the field of Sociology.

The master program is organized yearly since 2005.

This programme is organized by the UNESCO Chair in Interculturality, Good Governance and Sustainable Development (Faculty of Philosophy) in partnership with the Universities of Geneva, Fribourg, Hamburg, Dortmund, Siegen, Dijon, University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli and with the University of Applied Sciences in Hamm and Lippstadt.
Graduates of the programme are excellently prepared to develop a career in the middle- and top-management of international institutions and companies. They are suited for careers in international institutions and organizations, both public and non-governmental, where leadership and management skills are applied in multicultural environments. They can successfully work as managers of cultural organizations, diplomats, (project) managers in the fields of arts, culture and mass-media. The flexibility of the programme also allows them to apply their intercultural management skills in other areas, as the curriculum has been developed in response to the rapidly changing requirements of a complex labour market.
The main target of the UNESCO Chair has been from its very beginning to promote academic relationships within Europe and to support the transfer of Know How. The full involvement of Swiss, German and French professors, alongside the Romanian teaching staff of this Department fosters that enriching academic relationship. Furthermore, students of the Intercultural Management MA are offered study opportunities in Swiss, French and German universities or other higher education institutions.

  • Cultural Management
  • Artistic and Business Events Management
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Project Management
  • Intercultural Management and Business Consultants

Promotion 2021-2023

1st Year

  • Theory of Intercultural Management / 5 ECTS
  • Contemporary Social Theories / 5 ECTS
  • Religion and Culture in Europe / 5 ECTS
  • European Political Systems / 5 ECTS
  • Cultural Capital and Creative Communication / 4 ECTS
  • Cultural Diplomacy / 4 ECTS
  • Ethics and Academic Integrity  / 2 ECTS
  • History of European Culture / 6 ECTS
  • Organizations and Organizational Theory / 5 ECTS
  • Anthropology of European Societes / 5 ECTS
  • Phenomenology of Religion: Religious Approaches to Management / 5 ECTS
  • European Cultural Legislation / 5 ECTS
  • Research Seminar / 4 ECTS

2nd Year

  • International Marketing / 5 ECTS
  • International Economic Environment  / 5 ECTS
  • Strategic Management / 5 ECTS
  • Intercultural Communication Methods / 5 ECTS
  • Management of Human Resources in Multinational Companies / 5 ECTS
  • Ethics, Cultures and Negotiation / 5 ECTS
  • Ethics of International Relations / 5 ECTS
  • Knowledge Management / 5 ECTS
  • Internship: Research Activity – Elaboration of the Master Thesis / 20 ECTS



Admission takes place in July and September.
The call for applications is open to Romanian nationals – BA (or equivalent) graduates -, as well as nationals of EU, EEA member states, Swiss Confederation nationals and non EU-citizens.
Applicants with previous studies abroad will include a certificate acknowledging their studies abroad/degrees obtained abroad, issued by the specialized department of the Ministry of Education.

More information on when and how to apply

4 semesters (120 ECTS)
Proficiency in English is required for this MA
Courses start in October and end in June.
Mobility opportunities are available for students at partner universities.


Prof. Thomas STEGER
University of Regensburg
Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems
Institute of Business Administration
Chair of Leadership and Organization

Ph.D., University of Fribourg

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